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This blog has been created so that we can pray as a body of believers for the tiny miracles of this world. We ask that if you are praying for any of the babies listed here that you would leave a comment so their mommies and daddies can see you praying!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Graham Asher Ladner

Graham was born week before last and got to go home from the hospital on Tuesday. He stopped eating on Wednesday, but the dr. said it was a bacterial infection. On Thursday, they noticed something was seriously wrong, so they took Graham to the hospital only to find that he had a blood clot in his small intestine. They had to do emergency surgery and remove 60% of his small intestine. He is in NICU right now in Washington, D.C.. They DO anticipate for him to survive this, but it is truly a day-to-day thing. They have installed a colostomy bag for the time being because they had to disconnect his large intestine from the small, and the small intestine from the rest of his body in order to remove the dead portion. Right now, they are anticipating this to be a 3-4 month healing process, most of which will be spent in the hospital.