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Monday, June 29, 2009


I received this request this morning...

My little sister is 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl,to be named Rhyla-Kayte, and I went with her for a routine ultrasound on Friday. Everything was normal, except that the ultrasound showed a cyst on 1 of her kidneys. The cyst is approx. 1 cm in diameter, which isn't really big until you remember that the baby weighs 15 ounces right now.So, the ob/gyn is sending her to a specialist in Jackson for a more detailed ultrasound in a few weeks. She said that it was abnormal to see a cyst, but not necessarily something that we need to be concerned about. She said that 1 of 3 things would happen:
1. The cyst would get bigger.
2. The cyst would stay the same.
3. It would go away.
We are praying that it will just go away. We have some kindney issues that run in our family so this is a concern.

We appreicate your prayers.

I had asked everyone to pray for my unborn niece, Rhyla-Kayte, during the summer and am so thankful for your prayers. My sister went to a specialist twice for an ultrasound. The first time he discovered that the cyst on her kidney was actually a cyst, but no kidney....she only has 1. But he wasn't too concerned since her fluid output looked fine. Still it worried us that she only had 1 kidney. Last week she went back to the specialist and the cyst was gone (PRAISE!), and her absent kidney could possibly be growing, but he wasn't for sure. The specialist was not concerned at all about her only having one kidney. The great news is the cyst is gone, so she would not require any surgery to remove it. If everything goes as planned, the day after she is born she will probably require a MRI and other tests to see exactly what is going on. If everything looks okay, she will probably just require regular kidney ultrasounds.Please continue to pray!Specifically for1) Her absent kidney will grow to normal size.2) If that's not possible, that her 1 kidney will be normal and take over for both.

UPDATE 9/9/09
We definitely need more prayers tonight because my sister is in the hospital experiencing early labor. She is 32 weeks today. She is 2 cm dialated and has been having contractions since 1:00 pm today. Her 1st shot to stop the contractions did not work.....they started up again. She is probably going to get another shot soon. The doctor said that she is not in "seriously active labor" right now, but things can change quickly. The baby is not in distress, but we would like for her to stay put for another 4 weeks if possible.

UPDATE 9/29/09
Rhyla-Kayte, was born last Thursday (9/24) weighing 4lbs, 9oz. She was 34 weeks.....my sister had been in labor for the last 2 weeks with contractions and leaking fluid, so her doctor tried to hold her off until 34 weeks. She had to stay in the hospital for those 2 weeks to get monitored.The great news is that Rhyla didn't need any oxygen or feeding tubes; she was alert, breathing great, and started drinking 2 ccs of formula every 2 hours. As of today, she is up to 30 ccs every 2 hours. They did an ultrasound of her kidneys yesterday and she does indeed only have one. The neonatologist wants her to go to Jackson to see a specialist in a few months. However, everything seems to be working well right now.

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