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This blog has been created so that we can pray as a body of believers for the tiny miracles of this world. We ask that if you are praying for any of the babies listed here that you would leave a comment so their mommies and daddies can see you praying!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kelci and Kaitlyn

Twin girls, Kelci Diane and Kaitlyn Marie were born to Pete and Marci Durrett in late July, weighing 3 pounds 6 oz and 3 pounds 5 oz. They were over two months early, so they were taken to NICU immediately. They discovered yesterday that both girls have a heart murmur.

Last week the parents were allowed to come up and "room in" with the babies. But the babies had to be taken back to NICU. They keep forgetting to breath, so, obviously this is a HUGE concern.

Please pray that God would heal these two little girls and would give their families peace.