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Monday, June 29, 2009


6.29.09 8:30 a.m.
Baby Alaina was born Saturday morning via emergency c-section. After her mother, Stephanie, labored for several hours, the baby's heartbeat kept fading from the fetal monitors. After she was born, the doctor found that she had been living in a severely significant amount of meconium for about a week. The doctor was able to remove a large amount of the meonium, but the remainder of it is preventing her from breathing properly and has to be dissipated by her body. She is making small improvements, but she still has a long road of healing ahead of her.
Fortunately, every report received form her doctor has been encouraging.

UPDATE 6.29.09 3:50 pm
Alaina’s blood pressure is bottoming out. She is receiving a blood transfusion in hopes of stabilizing her, but if this does not work, Alaina will be transported to Egleston this evening. Please, please pray.

UPDATE 6.30.09
Alaina is moving from North Georgia Medical Center to Egleston Children's Hospital. Alaina has continued to be in stable condition since my last update, but her precious doctor feels that she will receive better care with his mentor in Atlanta.Please be in prayer for the Angel Team from Egleston who are en route to fly Alaina to Atlanta, as well as the medical team that will be responsible for her care until she is able to come home with her Mommy & Daddy where she belongs.

UPDATE 7.31.09
Alaina has made significant progress over the past month. Last night her mom was able to "room in". There are still a few more "hurdles" to jump. Please pray for Alaina's continued progress and pray that she'll be home soon.


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