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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thomas Gaines

On March 18th, Brittany Daniel was in Washington, DC on business when her water broke. Unfortunatly she was only 24 weeks along in her pregnancy. At the hospital, she was prevented from going into labor for another 7 weeks. Thomas Gaines was born on April 24th. He has had an extended stay in the NICU, and unfortunately, continues to struggle on a daily basis. Currently, they are trying to determine if the has Chronic Lung Disease or heart failure. Please pray for this little baby and his family. His parents, Brittany and Beau have temporarily relocated to DC to be with their precious son. Their home is in Alabama and they have young pre-schooler named Reed. Obviously, they are anxious for Gaines to get well so they can return home as a family.


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  1. Lifting your family up in prayer.....Praying for answers and for reunion of the family.